Welcome to SG OnDemand, an on-line ordering and management tool provided by The Stevens Group!

The Stevens Group develops and creates marketing solutions for our clients to help them grow their business by using efficient and cost-effective tools. One of those solutions has evolved into SG OnDemand.

The problem we found ourselves constantly challenged with at The Stevens Group was how we could provide a single-source solution for our clients. Where previously multiple vendors and days of logistical time were needed, we created a way to have everything in one place; accessible at the click of a button; on any platform most convenient; and customized specifically for you.

Allow us to learn about your business and we will build you a custom web portal that gives you the advantage and simplified organization tool to see all of your marketing campaigns or business communication needs in one, easy to navigate place. Always on, always brand-consistent, and always secure, we can provide a single Executive level log-in with complete access and full reporting capabilities, all the way down to store-manager level log-in who can only access and order a limited amount of supplies or marketing materials for their location.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our features, client successes, and some of the many benefits SG OnDemand has created. We deeply believe that SG OnDemand can help your business grow, be more efficient, more effective, and save you the one thing nobody has enough of. Time.

Feel free to test out our sample site to see exactly what it can do for you, and as always feel free to ask us anything!

Welcome to the future of marketing support, and thank you for joining us.

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