Client Overview

A multi-location Hospital and Medical Services organization servicing thousands of patients daily.

The Challenge

With multiple locations and departments, and constant demands for marketing and patient communication tools, the purchasing and coordination process had become very difficult and time consuming. In addition, the control of brand integrity had risked being compromised with multiple departments looking for quicker results.

The Solution

The Stevens Group introduced the SG OnDemand ordering solution to help manage printing and distribution. The online portal allowed for production management, proofing and approval processes, and the fulfillment/distribution to all facilities. With a user specific design, the ordering site also insured the accuracy of the graphic standards with protected font and logo placements within the documents.

The Results

The online ordering solution has been a huge success by decreasing turnaround times and reducing costs due to efficient bulk printing purchasing. The site has also decreased the number of internal errors by providing an archive library of all documents, insuring reprints and expired documents can be managed effectively. Last but not least, the integrity of the Hospital Brand has been secured with restricted usage and limited accessibility.