Client Overview

A global insurance group with multiple locations made up of four operating divisions, each sharing the same quality standards, commitment to service and innovation, and an overall mission of excellence.

The Challenge

The insurance company had acquired dozens of smaller insurance companies over the past several years, increasing the number of overall locations and employees. Our client needed consistent branding along with the ability to utilize a single source supplier who could offer online ordering to support the sales teams with marketing materials, including print and promotional items. They required centralized warehousing for easy distribution to all locations throughout the country. They also required a “store front” tool that could allow hundreds of employee’s access to company branded apparel and promotional items.

The Solution

The Stevens Group developed a SG OnDemand ordering site and combined it with our in-house printing and fulfillment solutions. The 24/7 and mobile optimized accessibility allowed all employees and departments a real time solution regardless of location, while a user specific log-in eliminated the concerns of maintaining brand integrity.

The Results

Today The Stevens Group manages over 75 different items and distributes daily across the country. The print management and fulfillment tools have decreased time frames and eliminated excess costs due to inflated inventory quantities. The Print OnDemand items are now available 24/7 and require no inventory investment, while securing the graphics standards that are so important in Financial Services. Last, the employee portal provides an online shopping experience for apparel and brand supported items.